GC-MS analysis 6800

The GC-MS analysis 6800 is the latest product of Skyray Instruments combines high performance and quality analysis, and an attractive price and low operating costs. It uses modern solutions used by the most renowned manufacturers of analytical equipment.

Electronic control system stabilizes the pressure and flow waveform baseline and sensitivity in the low ranges, patented EI filaments provide high performance electron emission. PRE-QUAD removes unwanted impurities from the trials and lowers the frequency quadrupole cleaning work detector. Vacuum system connected to the electron multiplier with high energy dynode (HED) significantly improves the sensitivity of the system. Advanced digital compensation system RF ensures low noise and stable resolution mass correctly.

GC-MS analysis 6800 is widely used in quality control in the food and pharmaceutical industries, environmental analysis, forensic research and industrial process control.

Additional Info

Model: GC-MS analysis 6800, gas chromatograph coupled to a mass spectrometer
Pressure control: EPC pressure controllers 0-50 Psi; 0.1 Psi Setting accuracy
Injector: Split / splitless with max. inlet temperature: 450C (split ratio of 1: 500 max)
Temperature range: Room temperature; +4° C ~ 450° C
Heating: to 120 ° C / min, cooling 40 ° C - increase of 0.1 ° C
Software: The software is used to control the operation of the chromatograph and spectrometer, data collection and transmission through the network connection. There are three methods of scanning: SIM, FULL SCAN, MIX; manual or automatic control, display mass and ion spectral in real time. In a short time it is possible to get spectrums of ionic and full scan.
Ion source: Dual filament EI
Temperature of the ion source: 100-350°C
Ionizaction energy: 10 eV - 100eV (usually 70 eV)
Mass detector: Dynodic duplicator high energy electrons
Mass range: 1,5 - 1000 AMU, resolution 0,7 AMU
Stability of the mass: +/- 0,1 AMU / 48 hours
Sensitivity: full scan, 1 pg OFN with m/z 272 z S/N ≥30: 1 (RMS)
Scan speed: max 10 000 AMU/s, accuracy 0,1 AMU
Vacuum system: Mechanical pump with high performance (flow 5m3 / h) and the turbomolecular pump (flow of 67 l / s) to ensure the vacuum level (≤ 8 × 10-5 mbar) for mass spectrometry system. Vacuum indicator provides continuous monitoring system vacuum level.
Spectrums database: Spectrums base NIST 2011 automatically searched in the analysis. The software meets the requirements of GB2763-2005, NY / T 1379-2007 etc
Available autosamplers: HT2100H Autosampler with an attachment headspace, 14-positional; HT2000H Autosampler with an attachment headspace, a 42-positional; HT3100H Autosampler for liquid samples, 15-positional; HT3000H Autosampler for liquid samples, 121-positional
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