Spectrometer XRF EDX3600H

Spectrometer XRF EDX3600H is a energy dispersive laboratory X-ray fluorescence spectrometer EDXRF intended for elemental analysis in full scope. The advantage of the device in addition to the thermoelectric cooled SDD detector with a resolution of 135-145eV is the ability to work with in a vacuum atmosphere (for the analysis of light elements such as Al), and a large, opened from the top measuring chamber. It is possible to perform measurements in an open chamber, placing a sample of large or non-standard sizes. This model is particularly suitable for the analysis of samples of mineral and metal alloys. Spectrum separation technique improves the accuracy of simultaneous analysis of light elements.

Additional Info

Model: EDX 3600H, professional EDXRF Spectrometer for full-element analysis
Application: Science and research, Goldsmithing, Industry, Alloys analysis, Catalyst analysis, Geology, RoHS, Coatings analysis
Analysis range: 1 ppm - 99,99%
Detector: SDD detector electrically cooled
Energy resolution: 140 +/- 5 eV
Measured elements: From Na to U, improved precision for light elements
Measurement precision: 0,05% (the main constituent more than 96%)
Measurement atmosphere: Air, vacuum (optional)
Test time: 60-200 s
Tube power: 50W
Power: 110/220 VAC +/- 5V (recommended stabilized voltage power supply)
Forms of samples: solid, powder and liquid
Weight: 75 kg
Sample chamber dimensions: 320 mm dia. x180 mm h.
Dimensions: 660x510x350mm
Additional informations: Standard configurations: Main unit with SDD detector, signal to noise amplifier (SNE), light path optimization system, built-in CCD camera, set of filters and collimators with automatic changer, FP analysis software, low- and high-voltage power supply, computer set to manage the device.
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