Spectrometer XRF EDX3000 PLUS

XRF spectrometer EDX3000 PLUS is the latest model of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer EDXRF, designed specifically for non-destructive analysis of alloys and products made of precious metals. It has an ergonomic design, user-friendly interface and professional software causing that elemental analysis becomes simple and quick. Thanks to modern SDD detector with improved resolution, it is possible to separate elements found in typical alloys and alloys and other samples of unknown composition eg. white gold (Au + Cu + Zn + Ni) alloys Ag + Sn, Pt + Au alloys, Au + W, pollution in precious metals alloys, catalysts, and others. Is well suited for refining and recycling. Spectrometers of this type are recommended primarily for measurements jewelry alloys in pawn shops, bureaux de change, in the jewelry production and refining of gold.

Additional Info

Model: EDX 3000 PLUS, EDXRF spectrometer (XRF) for analysis of jewelery alloys and coatings
Application: Goldsmithing, Alloys analysis, Catalyst analysis, Coatings analysis
Analysis range: ppm - 99,99%
Detector: SDD
Energy resolution: approx. 139 eV
Measured elements: Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Zn, Ni, Rh, Cd, Ru etc. from S to U
Measurement precision: 0,05% (main element content more than 96%)
Measurement atmosphere: Air
Test time: 30-200 s
Tube power: 5-50 kV
Power: 230V AC
Forms of samples: solid, powder and liquid
Weight: approx. 45 kg
Sample chamber dimensions: 439 × 300 × 50mm
Additional informations: Standard configuration: the main unit with SDD detector, build-in CCD camera, set of filters and collimators with automatic changer, analytical software with elements of FP and computer set for control and data acquisition.
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