Spectrometer XRF X-Calibur

XRF spectrometer X-Calibur from company Xenemetrix is an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer EDXRF with high-power X-ray tube and compact construction. The analyzer offers high performance measurements and high resolution detector. The unique geometry of the type lamps "close couple" with the anode placed at the front, in conjunction with advanced construction of the optical system reduces the distance between the sample, lamp and the detector. This increases the accuracy and performance of measurements. nEXt ™ software, on which works all Xenemetrix company spectrometers provides full analysis of samples: qualitative, quantitative and semi-quantitative. In addition, devices are equipped with software Fundamental Parameters in basic or advanced version allowing analysis of even unknown matrices without reference.

The spectrometer can be widely used in such fields as petrochemicals, chemicals, polymers, forensic medicine, metallurgy, analysis of coatings, mining, environmental studies, research, etc.



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Additional Info

Model: X-Calibur laboratory EDXRF spectrometer
Application: Science and research, Industry, Alloys analysis, Geology, Fuel analysis
Analysis range: sub ppm - 100%
Detector: SDD
Energy resolution: approx. 125 eV
Measured elements: from F (fluorine) to Fm (fermium) with the possibility of extension from C (carbon)
Measurement atmosphere: Air, Helium (optional), Vacuum (optional)a
Test time: 60-200 s
Tube power: 50kV, 50W
Power: 230V AC
Forms of samples: solid, powder and liquid
Weight: approx. 40 kg
Sample chamber dimensions: 220 x 220 x 50 mm
Dimensions: 550 x 550 x 320 mm
Additional informations: Standard configuration: rotary feeder for 8 positions, nEXT software with elements of FP. Available as options: CCD camera, advanced software FP, sample spinner, tray for 16 positions.
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