Spectrometer XRF Genius-IF

XRF spectrometer Genius-IF first desktop EDXRF spectrometer with secondary reflections filters, is a combination of high-quality XRF measurements and economics at elemental analysis. This spectrometer provides a non-destructive qualitative and quantitative analysis in the range of C (6) Fm (100). The newest generation of the SDD detector has excellent spectral resolution and is optimized for the detection of elements in a wide range, also in troublesome so far XRF analysis of light elements.

IF Genius has a unique optical system combining eight secondary reflection filters, and eight filters in direct excitation mode. This ensures optimum excitation conditions for all elements detected by EDXRF. WAG (Wide Angle Geometry) is a patented by Xenemetrix system using reflective filter ensures optimal conditions for the analysis of the main elements and trace in the sample.

X-ray beam induces characteristic lines K for reflection filters (pure metal), which are then used to excite the sample with "monochromatic" beam. The use of filters enables a significant reduction in the detection limits for individual elements. Reduced detection limits make Genius IF unit most versatile and useful in a wide range of applications, including inaccessible to conventional EDXRF spectrometers.


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Additional Info

Model: IF Genius laboratory EDXRF spectrometer
Application: Science and research, Industry, Alloys analysis, Geology, Fuel analysis
Analysis range: sub ppm - 100%
Detector: SDD
Energy resolution: approx. 125 eV
Measured elements: from F (fluorine) to Fm (fermium) with the possibility of extension from C (carbon)
Measurement atmosphere: Air, Helium (optional), Vacuum (optional)a
Test time: 60-200 s
Tube power: 50kV, 50W
Power: 230V AC
Forms of samples: solid, powder and liquid
Weight: approx. 50 kg
Sample chamber dimensions: 220 x 220 x 50 mm
Dimensions: 550 x 550 x 320 mm
Additional informations: Standard configuration: rotary feeder for 8 positions, nEXT software with elements of FP. Available as options: CCD camera, advanced software FP, sample spinner, tray for 16 positions.
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