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The Zero Air generators Za series produce dry and hydrocarbon-free air, using air from oil-free compressors, thus avoiding the need to use traditional bottles that are often complex to change. Designed with safety and convenience in mind, this system will eliminating the need for inconvenient high pressure gas cylinders.

Ultra Zero Air Generators UZAG series are some of the most efficient hydrocarbon-free air purifier systems for laboratory use. Utilising the PSA technology to remove water vapour and the heated catalyst technology to remove THC including methane to less than 0.05 ppm

Zero Air generators use three steps to transform ambient air into analytical grade air.
Step 1: Pre-filtration: The external oil-free compressor delivers air through a high efficiency filter that traps any particles that may damage the system. The filter has an automatic purge system, and traps oil, water and any other particles larger than 5 microns in size.
Step 2: HC and CO trapping: The air leaving the filter enters a high-temperature platinum catalyst, which through oxidation eliminates
hydrocarbon molecules down to < 0.05 ppm.
Step 3: Final filtration: A high-efficiency filter is used to prevent any kind of particles from entering the instrument.
External compressor (option): following an agreement with a leading manufacturer operating a sales and service network in many cities throughout the world, we can supply the right “oil free” compressor for different flow requirements.

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