Rotational viscometers

Rotational viscometers (1)

Viscometer is a measuring instrument for measuring the viscosity of liquids. One of the most commonly used laboratory viscometers are rotary viscometer, which are used for determining the coefficient of dynamic viscosity. The big advantage is the rotational viscometers wide scope, suitable for measuring liquids having a very low viscosity liquids and very high viscosity.

Offered by us viscometers NDJ series, SNB and DV are equipped with LCD display parameters such as viscosity measured, rotation speed, spindle number and maximum viscosity. Advanced models such as the DV series have the ability to connect to computer. Optional software allows to archive and display the measurement results in the form of the diagram.

Programmable digital rotational viscometer DV+PRO series are the most versatile devices for measuring viscosity. Rotational viscometers with digital display is a laboratory device designed to measure the viscosity of the…
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