Spectrometers FTIR

Spectrometers FTIR (1)

Infrared absorption spectrophotometry - spectrophotometry IR spectroscopy is a technique in which infrared radiation is used, which results in obtaining vibrational spectra - IR spectrum. The use of the Fourier transform (FT-IR) in traditional IR spectroscopes further increased the sensitivity of the measurement and provided a favorable resolving power.

This technique is helpful in determining the functional groups present in the analyzed compound. The principle is based on the fact that functional groups of organic compounds are characterized by a specific range of infrared absorption. The resulting spectra are very complex, so it is possible to uniquely identify the compound on the basis of the obtained IR spectrum. For this purpose, IR spectra libraries are very useful, viewed from the FTIR spectrometer software, containing database of the spectra of the individual compounds (eg. database spectra of the compounds of hazardous industrial polymers, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and many others).

Spectrometer WQF 510A / 520A is a Fourier transform laboratory spectrophotometer IR (FT-IR), equipped with a unique Michelson interferometer. The spectrophotometer is controlled by a computer, switching between internal and…
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