High Performance Metal Analyser – ARTUS 8

The ARTUS 8 provides fast, precise and accurate analyses for the perfect melt. It is our most powerful and reliable spectrometer and is well suited for the metal processing industry and perfectly suited for the metal production and inspection & contract lab industries. It is available in 3 models: the ARTUS 8 Standard, ARTUS 8 Ultimate and ARTUS 8 Visible. The ARTUS 8 Standard covers a wavelength range of 174-680 mn; ARTUS 8 Ultimate: 146-680 mn and ARTUS 8 Visible: 212-680 mn. All types of calibration elements are covered.

Additional Info

Model: ARTUS 8
Optical system:

Paschen – Runge

Excitation source:

Digital source for high precision

Position of the sparking:

3-side open spark stand with XY sample clamp

Digital spark source

Spark Stand Aperture: 12mm




Control and data processing:

Ethernet connectivity


Foreign language menu capability

Factory calibrated programs traceable to CRMs

User configurable grade library

Report generator, print or PDF output,selected by sample ID field content

Storage and retrieval of data


Weight and dimensions:

Weight: 80 kg

Packing Weight: 130 kg

Dimensions: 721 x 440 x 770mm



Operating conditions:

Working Temperature: 10° to 35°C

Storage Temperature: -10°C to 70°C

Operating Humidity: 20-80%



Additional requirements:

Argon Purity: 99.998% or 99.999% purity

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