Spark spectrometers Merlin 4 - a series of the latest emission spectrometers with a CCD detector developed by spectrometry innovators - ARUN Technology. Thanks to the wide range of wavelengths and good resolution, the analyzers have gained recognition in many applications.

The ARTUS 8 provides fast, precise and accurate analyses for the perfect melt. It is our most powerful and reliable spectrometer and is well suited for the metal processing industry and perfectly suited for the metal production and inspection & contract lab industries. It is available in 3 models: the ARTUS 8 Standard, ARTUS 8 Ultimate and ARTUS 8 Visible. The ARTUS 8 Standard covers a wavelength range of 174-680 mn; ARTUS 8 Ultimate: 146-680 mn and ARTUS 8 Visible: 212-680 mn. All types of calibration elements are covered.

The optics of XJM400 series inverted metallurgical microscope provide flat, sharp, and brilliantly clear images while achieving longer working distances. Developed for bright field and simple polarizing observation, and designed to be compact, durable but easy operation, it is excellent for metallurgraphic and electronic components as well as materials field and quality control departments.
CCD or digital camera can be attached for image capture and professional but user-friendly metallurgical analysis software is also available for option.

Illumination using epi-Kohler method with aperture iris diaphragm and field iris diaphragm. In microscope metallurgical XJM400 series we have rotatable analyzer (360°), both analyzer and polarizer can be swing in/out of the optical path.

Vertical crushing machine CGM-20 with cooling air system and high speed rotation. Dedicated for mineral, fiber and adhesive substances. Wind is used to cool the grinder for continuous operation. Time attrition depends on the material to be shredded. Laboratory crushing machine is equipped with a set of three blades: Straight blade- use for the materials in general, fiber, and tough quality such as pearl, gentian and liquorice, Big curve blade- use for the materials in powder, fiber, and viscosity quality such as gentian and medlar, Medium curve blade- use for the materials that straight blade can not pulverize. Or when use the big curve blade but can not achieve the tiny powder, use this blade.

The XJM100 series upright metallurgical microscope is capable of reflected and transmitted light enables application on both crystal and opaque samples. The mature ICOS adopts in XJM100 series ensures the excellent optical clarity and contrast required by today's discerning microscopists while delivering an perfect cost-to-performance ratio.
CCD or digital camera can be attached for image capture and professional but user-friendly metallurgical analysis software is also available for option. In this series customer can choose binocular and trinocular models, standart Abbe condenser is equipped in all models.

Vertical crushing machine CCM series uses the traditional grinding method to break the sample. It’s designed to use the centrifugal force of the motors tungsten carbide blade to achieve high crushing efficiency. Input volume is adjustable. It is suitable for laboratory purpose. Suitable for fine grinding and coarse crushing. Not to be used with wet, greasy, sticky, fibre rich materials. Laboratory crushing machine CCM series use up to 6 different mesh interchangeable sieves for insertion into the grinding heads ensure maximum particle size filtering. The processing hammer is made of tungsten. Stainless steel tank, inner funnel aluminium, outer funnel stainless. Designed to continuous operation.

Horizontal cutting mills CM series are especially recommended for grinding medium hard and soft, elastic and fibrous materials. Size reduction in the cutting mill CM-5000 takes place by cutting and shearing forces. The sample passes through the hopper and into the grinding chamber where it comes into contact with a rotor equipped with 4  cutting blades; it is comminuted between the blades and the four stationary cutting bars inserted in the housing. The chamber dwell time is short; as soon as the sample can pass through the openings of the bottom sieve it is discharged and collected in the receiver. It ensures gentle, rapid and nearly dust-free size reduction. ground product is quickly discharged by using a filter bag or a ring filter.

Two models of laboratory, horizontal cutting mills are available: CM-5000 with capacity 5kg/h and CM-20000 with capacity 20kg/h.

Main areas of applications: Electronic cards, cables, computer & electronic waste, plant materials, plastics, rubber, spices, wood, drugs, feeds, foils, leather, light metal scrap, lignite, non-ferrous metals, organic & inorganic waste, paper, straw, secondary fuels, grain, seeds, resins, textiles and bones.

XJM200 inverted metallurgical microscope is equipped with bright and dark field microscope, with excellent infinity optical system, can achieve polarization, dark field image. Compact and steady body is supported with the shock resistance. The flash and ergonomic design is adopted in suitable and easier operation.

Equipped with simple polarizer and analyzer, suitable both for scientists and schools. Custom option for metallurgical microscope XJM200 of material analysis soft makes it appopriate for analyze eg. vegetables, fruits.

Freezing point analyzer for milk CRY-8 is a modern digital analyzer that is used to identify presence of extraneous water in milk and milk products. Determination of freezing point of sample provides us information about its water content. Any falsification of milk with water will raise its freezing point temperature > -0,512 °C. The CRY-8 complies fully with the international standard ISO 5764/2002(E), IDF 108/2002(E) “Milk” - Determination of Freezing Point – Thermistor Cryoscope Method (Reference Method) and Annex C without the necessity to correct the results to the reference method. This analyzer is simple to operate, as it only requires a single-point calibration with distilled water and after samples are inserted into measuring position the device automatically perform measurements. Thanks to small weight and dimensions and big resistance to vibration and hard working conditions (humidity max. 85%, ambient temp. 36°C), CRY-8 can be used in both stationary and field applications.

The advanced upright reflected and transmitted light metallurgical microscope XJM600 series is a comprehensive model with multiple applications such as bright and dark field, DIC, polarizing observations, etc. Aimed at the semiconductor industry, wafer manufacturing, electronic information industry, metallurgical industry and so on, XJM600 series is developed for applications like FPD, circuit encapsulation, circuit substrate, material casting, metal and ceramic parts, precision moulds, etc. The ergonomic design enables your work with XJM600 series comfortable and relax.

CCD or digital camera can be attached for image capture and professional but user-friendly metallurgical analysis software is also available for option. In series XJM600 we have two models: XJM600B and XJM600T so we can choose of binocular and trinocular design. Swing type Abbe condenser NA=1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter guarantees high resulotion and quality of performanced images.

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